Exploring & shaping possible futures for the university today


I first set up my University Futures website in 2006. A few years after setting up my business Thinking Futures in 2007, I put University Futures into hibernation. I am now doing my PhD on the future of the university and I think it's the right time to bring University Futures back to life.

The deeper into my PhD that I get, the more I realise how critical it is and will be for people working in universities to value and recognise the imperative to integrate the future into their strategic thinking. We do this by using strategic foresight to make the future explicit in our thinking and decision making today.

I work with and write for people in universities who care about its future. Who understand that the future of the university won't be more of the past or present. Who are ready to explore the possible. Who understand that new thinking will generate new futures for the university.

My mission? to help us think in new ways about the university's possible futures.



My Blog and Publications

I write a lot. My Thinking Futures blog is about using foresight in practice. My PhD blog is about my research experience. I've presented and published on foresight and university management, and I am consolidating my writing on and about universities and their possible futures on this site.




If you care about the university, you will have an embedded image of its future, an idea. If I asked you about that image it would most likely be underpinned by an assumption that there will be a university in the future. My PhD research focuses on how we can generate thinking about possible futures for the university to move beyond today’s discourse that is constrained by four contested ideas about just what a university is and should be.



reframing thinking about the future

In my Thinking Futures work, I use my conversations about the future framework to help people think in new ways about the future of their organisations. It's still being developed and aims to open up our conversations to let future possibilities in - to expand our thinking beyond today's assumed linear future.


Who I am and why I care


I worked for 28 years in universities, starting as a Graduate Clerk and ending as a university Planning Director. I grew up in universities and I care deeply about their future. Now though, I have a unique perspective, looking at universities from the outside in. I see its possible futures, beyond what exists today, and the obstacles to letting those futures emerge in our thinking. Find out more.


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