2013 Faculty Progress Presentation


In order to fulfill Faculty progress requirements, I needed to present to an open Faculty forum which I did in December 2013. The form of the powerpoint template and report was highly specified which I understand but which is annoying. My topic at this stage was The Future of University Management  and this is what I was going to research:

  • This research will explore what will characterise appropriate university management in 2035 from the perspectives of major stakeholders – academic managers, professional managers, academics and government policy makers. It is these four groups of people whose interactions, choices, decisions and the beliefs and assumptions that underpin them - that constructs the ways in which university management is understood today, and that will shape the construction of appropriate university management in the future.

The presentation is an example of death by powerpoint, but I didn't care much to be honest, just wanted to get it over and done with. I'll do better this year!