And so it begins again...


Almost a year ago I  wrote that I'd passed my confirmation process. All looked good. But things are not always as they seem. I spent the rest of 2013 faffing about (as I call it now) trying to nail down my research to doable proportions. I had confirmation panel to deal with as well as feedback from a Faculty panel (one has to present every year to prove things are moving). I was a bit annoyed about having to do the Faculty presentation so close to the confirmation hearing that I didn't really care. Even though I presented well and got useful feedback, I still wasn't settled, still didn't really know what I was doing.

Between the confirmation and the Faculty presentation, my research plan had changed, moving it away from the somehow contested nature of worldviews and university management.

Then early in 2014, I realised that some domestic things that were bubbling way had to be dealt with using my full attention. I took leave of absence until the end of June to deal with them and didn't look at my PhD once. It was the old story of life getting in the way of achieving a goal.

So now I've returned with renewed commitment and back to my original topic of Fit for Purpose University Management in 2035 but without the worldview focus. Seems to make everyone more comfortable! The topic now: University Management: Past, Present and Future. It's time to get moving and get this sorted.