Massy WF, Reengineering the University: How to Be Mission Centered, Market Smart, and Margin Conscious, 2016, Johns Hopkins University Press

Abstract: Higher education expert William F. Massy’s decades as a professor, senior university officer, and consultant have left him with a passionate belief in the need for reform in America’s traditional universities. In Reengineering the University, he addresses widespread concerns that higher education’s costs are too high, learning falls short of objectives, disruptive technology and education models are mounting serious challenges to traditional institutions, and administrators and faculty are too often unwilling or unable to change.

Comment: Massy posits that big data - computer models that draw on data from college transaction systems "can help both administrators and faculty address problems of educational performance and cost analysis, manage the complexity of planning and budgeting systems, and monitor the progress of reform in nonintrusive and constructive ways." The reengineering is about the present therefore, and derives from market driven assumptions.

Horizon 1 - operational issues for the university today, including "reform." No real indication of  what reform will lead to.